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The Future belongs to those who believein the beauty of their dreams..!

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Manjal Vanam helping hands...!

One of the very important characteristics of a student is to question.

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Building Futures: Our Charitable Trust for Educational Empowerment

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Manjal Vanam helping hands...!

Our Charitable TrustCommitted to Elevating Lives throught support

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welcome to Manjalvanam

Fundraising People Causes You Care.

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We all know that Giving to Others is the best deed in the World. More so, if it is given to the most deserving within humans will be much more satisfying not only to the receiver but also to the giver.

Manjal Vaanam Life Charitable Trust has been formed with the objective of serving the human kind through the various laid down welfare objectives of the trust is open to all, irrespective of caste, creed, colors, religion, area, sex etc.

Our Key Focus Areas

Healing Hearts, Changing Lives with Your Funds

Our Project Videos

“…The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others….”

கற்க கசடற

Educational Projects

“…Education has the power to break the chains of poverty. Contribute to our charity trust, and let’s break the barriers…”

Aarogya Dhaan

Medical Projects

“…A healthier world begins with a compassionate heart. Join us in our medical projects, where your kindness becomes the remedy for those facing adversity….”


Food Projects

“…Serving compassion on a plate. Your support in our food initiatives helps us make a difference in the lives of those facing hunger…”


Training & Development

“…Every person has the right to learn, grow, and thrive. Support our charity trust in making education accessible for all…”

Manjalavanam Podcasts

“…Join us as we amplify the voices of the unheard, turning stories of struggle into narratives of triumph…”


Media Projects

“…Media with a mission. Our charity trust is dedicated to using the power of storytelling to drive social change, one frame at a time…”

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Helping Hands ❤️

Volunteers're Heartfelt Heroes

Volunteers play a crucial role in charitable trusts, dedicating their time, skills, and passion to support various initiatives and causes. Their selfless efforts contribute to the effective functioning of these trusts, whether through fundraising, community outreach, or administrative support.

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  • Fundraising and Resource Mobilization
  • Community Engagement & Advocacy
  • Program Implementation and Support
Protect and enhance poverty.

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Latest News & Articles

Aarogya Dhaan for Adyar Cancer Institute

Sometimes real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles. Yes, Childhood cancer is truly a stressful experience. Meeting the supposed to be the energetic bunch roaming

Prasāda for Street Vision Ngo Chennai

 It’s ironic, but true. Local charity homes always need common household goods. Often their “most wanted” items are things we already have in our homes and don’t use anymore. During Donation

Books Donation Program

During November 2019 received a What App message from Mr.Balachandar, school teacher of Govt.High School, Sankaralingapuram, Madurai 625705, who has taken steps to set a library in the school where

Thanks to Zoho Corp

All of us would have heard this quote – A stitch in time saves nine; but here is someone who is living by it and showing to the world how

Tamil podcast with Unsung heroes continued…

If your image of a hero is a person who can hit multiple people, and who can flawlessly woo a girl; I am sorry, my dear friend; have a glimpse

Light it Up!!!

Can there be anything more blissful and contented to witness than the eyes of a homeless child sparkle up with sudden joy when gifted with new clothes, a pair of

Send Some HOPE

At an age when most teenagers are busy in social media doing random stuff without a vision in life, amidst all this two socially responsible friends Shashank and Sukrit Sumanth approached Manjalvanam Life

MVLCT 3rd Year Anniversary

Manjal Vanam Life Charitable Trust has been in existence since 2019 and we focus on providing better lives for children with education, medical help, food, etc, and assisting the elderly

Goto O2

Our country is facing the second wave of Covid19 with the number of cases increasing each day. Healthcare providers are running out of resources while fighting the world’s most tragic

Tamil Podcasts With Unsung Heroes

We all have heard about Robin hood – who stole money from rich and brought it to the poor. He is one kind of hero, who is cherished globally. By

Project Kathaadi

Tribal communities in Tamil Nadu have distinct cultural identities and traditional practices. However, children from these communities often encounter challenges in accessing quality education and extracurricular activities. The situation is

Our Causes

Donation Request

Appeal from Mrs. Muthupechi

Appeal from Mrs. Muthupechi, mother of Ms. Srishakthi Vaishnavi P. and Ms. Shambhavi P“Hello All,I am Mrs. Muthupechi, I work at a private store for a monthly income of Rs.

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